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Winning Through Selection®  

This two-day session will help you develop professional skills in the recruitment and selection of quality people. Your ability to match the behavioral traits of people to the behavioral requirements of the job is a major factor in promoting your company's efficiency, growth and profits. The right person in the right job has a high chance of job success; the right person in the wrong job can be a disaster!

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With RSTMM® you're in control

Selection errors are common, and their cost is staggering. Overall, how effectively you use the tools in the Winning Through Selection® process can be a major factor in determining whether your organization grows or deteriorates. After mastering the basic selection strategies you will learn during this conference, you then can customize them to fit your individual needs, style, and business objectives.

Winning Through Action Training®  


Winning Through Action Training® conference  

Every person is a unique individual who must develop his or her own success system. The Winning Through Action Training®management conference teaches managers how to develop a structured training process to help each employee build his or her own personalized system for learning how to succeed at work. Using a systematic method of attitude, skill, and knowledge development, participants will learn how to develop "self-managed" people who will succeed both individually and as part of a team.


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Winning Through Management and Motivation® conference  

A good manager needs to wear many hats, and wear them well! Management techniques without people sensitivity can become cold and negative, but a humanistic approach can become too soft and non-productive. Combining these two philosophies produces tough, results-oriented management with people sensitivity. This session teaches how to increase productivity and lead people by understanding their basic psychological needs, creating a cultural orientation of pride and mutual trust.

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Winning Through Marketing® conference

Obviously, it is critical to reach monthly marketing goals, book an appropriate amount of new work, and maintain adequate backlog. If this process breaks down, profitability goes out the window! This two-day session is built around the idea that whether we're selling ideas, services or tangible products, the objectives are essentially the same: We want to influence others to take positive action, which becomes mutually beneficial. We select the clients we want!

This seminar will assist you in developing the marketing processes and behaviors that quickly get action and results. Learn strategies, systems and tools to enhance these processes and behaviors, allowing you to incorporate your own personality and company culture as you build systems that work for you.

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Conferences - Schedule  

Upcoming RSTMM® Conferences, when taught locally…
The Conference training sessions below are held in Charlottesville, Virginia
at the Boar's Head Inn.corporsate consulting

Recruit/Select Winning Through Selection®
Winning Through Action Training®
The First 100 Days
Winning Through Motivation®
Lead / Manage / Motivate

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