What is RSTMM®?

RSTMM® - Build Your Business by Building Your People. Take the journey and be amazed.
Corporate Consulting

We teach CEOs and their management team to be better leaders. We teach them how to maintain a balanced life.
Educational services, lectures, seminars, and workshops in the field of business management.
Books, course materials, and case studies.
Training services.


For the last 30 years, we have been teaching companies how to make great people decisions through the RSTMM® system. Success is not just business; it's personal! We teach how to recruit, select, train, manage, and motivate the right people for the right jobs.

Imagine the right people in the right job; doing so will take the company's human capital efficiency to new heights.

Our Process - It's about forward thinking
When implemented our process increases morale, decreases burnout, and maximizes the bottom line.

How did you learn to be a CEO?

Corporate Consulting - RSTMMMost likely, you did it the hard way— with a lot of trial and error. Or maybe you went to business school along the way. Perhaps you've made a lot of decisions based on gut instinct, and had some good help and luck along the path. That learning process, whether in school or on the firing lines, provided a strong technical understanding for business success— how to do what your company does better than anyone else. But have you been to "CEO school?"

Most business leaders do not have enough background in the key criteria that will determine whether their company succeeds, stagnates, or fails— understanding what drives people. How do you find good talent?



Can you predict whether someone will succeed in a particular role at your company? Even if you find the right person, does
his superior know how to motivate him? Putting good people in the wrong jobs will cost you money! Through an in-depth process of assessment, training, and development, we teach our clients how to avoid the biggest cost of errors and achieve new levels of success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Corporate Consulting do?
The bottom line: we work with clients corporate consulting to teach them how to make the best decisions for their company and avoid the cost of errors. Our clients want to fix problems in their company and build their business. To help them achieve this, we work closely with the company's leaders to reach their own goals, both business and personal.

What is the RSTMM® system?
The RSTMM® process covers the key principles to business success through people:
Recruit a pool of top candidates, adding both quality and quantity.
Select the right person for the right job.
Train them to do "the job" and raise production.
Manage them well, and
Motivate them to reach goals and increase profit.

Many companies simply do not have any organized systems in place to do these things. Or they may have some systems but aren't getting good results or don't know how to measure their progress (or lack thereof!).

Ask yourself, what if I targeted my time in recruiting with a method to get only the very best people? What if, instead of never having enough time to train new employees properly, I really made an effort to give the best training possible to every hire?

How do you assess someone's behavior?
We use a brief but comprehensive behavioral survey, developed and refined over more than half a century, to measure a person's behavioral tendencies. From this assessment, our analysts can determine a person's most likely behavioral response in different situations, decision-making approach, morale, adaptability, and fit for a particular role.

How do I sign up for one of your conferences?
Contact us by e-mail or at 434-971-3848.

Contact Corporate Consulting

To see if you qualify to be a client, please email us at info@rstmm.com


Here's how to reach us:

Corporate Consulting
301 Third Street NE
Charlottesville, VA 22902
434-971-3848 tel
434-295-8060 fax

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Corporate Consulting Testimonials

"How long before we realize that proper management of a company's people, its most valuable resource, is the key to long-term prosperity?"
   Richard Townsend
   Time Magazine, January, 1997

"The process changed the life of our company. At a time when we had truly hit a success ceiling, we were shown how to break through and keep breaking through. The concepts and systems create the absolute achievement formula every business should master and put to work"
   Gary Keller
   Co-Founder, Keller Williams Realty International

"Better than an MBA. Both powerful and practical. I have been recommending Corporate Consulting to clients for more than 25 years."
   Frank Birckhead
   Co-Founder, MoneyWise Payroll

"In just a year and a half, we have made incredible progress in all our sectors thanks to Corporate Consulting's systems. With the 'CEO training' I have received and the training our managers are receiving, we anticipate doubling revenues, profits and personnel in two years!"
   Willy Stewart
   CEO, Stewart Engineering, Inc.

"Corporate Consulting is not just an ordinary consultant system. The RSTMM® systems really work! Define success? In my case as a majority stockholder, sucess allowed me to retire at age 60 with a lot of money and a strong team in place that can carry the company forward to even greater success - a nice legacy after 39 years in the business!"
   F. M. Latham III
   President (retired), McCrone Inc.

"Deciding to work with Corporate Consulting was the best move we ever made! They focus on developing your biggest asset - your people."
   Tom Trevillian
   President & CEO, McClung Companies

"Corporate Consulting's RSTMM system has changed both my business and personal life. It has provided me with the tools needed to turn around and take my company from 'good to great.' The systems and techniques that Corporate Consulting put into place doubled the profitability (forget about sales!) for our company. I will be forever grateful."
   Wes Guckert
   President, The Traffic Group